”Angst” ridden marathon reading

I am part of the beta reading team for Odysia Press, which is solely owned by author David J. Pedersen. Pedersen has written most recently the middle-grade to YA fantasy novel, ”Clod Makes a Friend, ” and the ”Angst” line of fantasy books:

  • ”Angst”
  • ”Buried In Angst”
  • ”Drowning In Angst”
  • ”Burning In Angst”

I have read both the first book, and have read his YA book.

As a beta reader, especially for one single publisher, it is probably a good idea to read the entire series, and not just support the publisher by buying the rest of the series.

He is about to release his last in the ”Angst” series, although I am not at liberty to say what the name of it is or the synopsis, but it reminds me that I need to catch up to the last book.

Crap. I neglected to read the rest of the series, and the author just sent us, the beta readers, the final book, and I have over a thousand pages of text to read to get caught up in roughly ten days.

Did I mention I’m a slow and easily distracted reader?! As I type this, I should be reading. I’m a mess. Luckily, I don’t have a paying gig going on right now that I can devote my time to this endeavor. I started ”Buried In Angst” last night, and will follow it up with the other three.

Procrastinating as I did is a valuable lesson. Even though I am not receiving payment for my services, just the luxury of reading the book before anyone else; I need to stay on top of the material so as not be surprised by rushed deadlines.

So, you avid readers out there that become part of a proofreading beta team for a publisher? Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until the last minute. Keep on track, and you will make yourself more valuable to other publishing companies looking for readers like me, or that are supposed to be like me.

See you again. Same book time! Same book channel, or site in this case!

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